Meet the Team


Andrew has always had a passion for the outdoors, livestock farming & cooking. With the decision to bring the end product, via the onsite Butchery, to the consumer it provides an opportunity to fulfil his vision of transparent, sustainable farming producing the highest quality meat.

Charlotte has a firm drive to improve the Environment and the net biodiversity improvements that we are able to make. Her passion for the countryside and nature along with the health and wellbeing of our animals is always at the forefront of the decisions she makes and Paley Farm's business model. She has a keen eye for design, having had a career in fashion, and is responsible for Paley Farm's design, branding and marketing.


Paley Farm's Farm Manager. With a Masters in Farm Management, Edward is passionate about farming and is a firm believer that the animals on the Farm must be bred to produce the highest quality meat from a 100% pasture based system. Edward has added strength to our farming practice by implementing rotational grazing, sown acres of herbal leys and root crops and involved the farm with Countryside Stewardship, Red Tractor, Pasture for Life and Woodland Management schemes.


Peter is a second-generation Butcher, who owned and ran the famous Peter Speaight Butchers in Tunbridge Wells. Peter has a very strong reputation as a Craft Butcher who knows how every ­single muscle on an animal works and how best to prepare it for sale. He can advise about various cuts, their different cooking ­methods, what to serve with them and possibly which wine best accompanies them.

Peter brings passion and knowledge that cannot be rivalled. Plus having been a High Street Butcher, he loves to chat with the customers.