Meat the Craft Butcher

We would like to welcome and introduce the newest member of the Paley Farm Team, Peter Speaight. Peter has joined the Team as our Craft Butcher and brings with him many years of expertise in Butchery and Management.

Since the launch of the website in March, the response we have received has been fantastic. We are very proud of the sustainable, grass fed, Pasture for Life certified livestock we produce at Paley Farm and are so happy that we are now able to deliver it to your doorstep having been prepared to the highest standards by our certified Craft Butcher.

Peter is a second-generation Butcher, who until February this year owned and ran the famous Peter Speaight Butchers in Tunbridge Wells. He has a very strong reputation, is known for sourcing high quality produce and is the perfect person for us to team up with moving forwards. He knows how every ­single muscle on an animal works and how best to recover and prepare it for sale. He can advise about various cuts, their different cooking ­methods, what to serve with them and possibly which wine best accompanies them.

He brings passion and knowledge that cannot be rivalled. So if you are looking for something unusual or a cut that we do not currently have listed on the website then please feel free to give Peter a call, drop him an email or simply pop in to have a chat. After all he is a High Street Butcher, who loves to chat with the customers.

With Peter on board we are adding new items and cuts to the website on a regular basis. We now offer beef, lamb, pork and Venison on a stocked basis. Orders are processed and delivered swiftly, so you will always have something for dinner.

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From all the Team we hope you have a fantastic Summer.

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